Will your ELD work with all of your vehicles?



As the ELD technology comes to market, figuring out which devices can integrate with your specific vehicles is going to play a crucial part in deciding which ELD would best work with your fleet.  The majority of fleets that are operating today are mixed fleets with a combination of the newest trucks available as well as some old iron.  Finding a solution that will work with a wide range of vehicles is something that owners are going to have to take into consideration.  As a general rule, the following will help owners understand what type of diagnostic port or ECM that may appear in their vehicles.

  • Vehicles built before 1992 typically have Mechanical Fuel Injection, which may require the installation of a speed sensor
  • Vehicles built from 1992 to 1995 with Electronic Fuel Injection may have a 6-pin connector, a special OEM connector or no diagnostic connector port.
  • Vehicles built before 1996 may have the 6 pin configuration, a special OEM connector, or no connector.
  • Vehicles built from 1996 to 2001 generally have the 6 pin configuration.
  • Vehicles built from 2002 to 2006 may have either the 6 pin or 9 pin
  • Most 2007 and newer vehicles have the 9 pin configuration.
  • Light-duty trucks and vans generally have the 16 pin OBD II configuration.
  • Some class 8 vehicles built after 2014 have the 16 pin OBD II configuration.

The above breakdown is just a reference point to use when considering the pin calibration of your vehicles.  Some manufacturers are quicker to change from one diagnostic connector to the next (i.e. Mack & Volvo who are currently utilizing the 16 pin OBD II in their 2014 and newer trucks).  With that being said it is important to check all the vehicles prior to purchasing any equipment.


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