Who will need electronic logging devices?



The majority of drivers and fleets will have to implement electronic logging devices

With the FMCSA final ruling closely approaching, a question that many drivers and fleet owners are having are “Am I going to have to comply with the ruling or will I be exempt.”  This is something that many are going to have to figure out shortly to prepare for the upcoming regulations.  With all of the highway rumors that have been created over the past year, it is difficult to obtain a clear answer about the future regulations.

Electronic logging devices: Everyone will have to comply

The general concept with the electronic logging device regulation is that if one is currently using a paper log to show their record of duty status, then they will have to change over to an electronic logging device when the mandate is in full effect.  The real determining factor that explains who will have to change to electronic logging devices is the distance that one travels from the home terminal.  Similar to today, if a driver travels outside of the local radius, 100/150 air miles from their home terminal, they will have to continue to comply with the new regulations.

Contrary to popular belief, the size of the company is not going to be an accepted variable that would keep electronic logging devices out of the vehicle.  It does not matter if the company is made up of 1 vehicle or 10,000 vehicles; if the vehicle operates outside of the local radius of 100/150 air miles from the home terminal, then the company will have to comply with the future regulations and implement electronic logging devices.

There are very few exemptions that would allow companies to continue to operate without the use of electronic logging devices.  One of the exemptions is the local exemption.  This states that if a company operates within a 100/150 mile radius of the home terminal, then they are exempt from electronic logging devices.  Along with that exemption, if a vehicle operates outside of a local radius less than 8 times in a 30 day time span, then they also would be exempt from having to implement electronic logging devices.  These are really the only exemptions that will apply during the mandate.  The rule of thumb for companies to figure out if you’ll need electronic logging devices is if you are currently using paper logs, you will have to change to an electronic logging device in the future.

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