What owner operators look for in an ELD?



The majority of fleets will have to be equipped with devices

For the hundreds of thousands of owner operators that travel the roadways today, the new electronic logging device mandate is going to change the way they operate their businesses. With the majority of devices out on the market being marketed towards the larger fleets; what are the owner operators looking for in an electronic logging device? After speaking to several owner operators, these are the key functions that they are looking for in an ELD.

ELD Features Owner Operators Need

As an owner operator, there is no need to purchase a device with monthly fees, contacts and added telematics features. Below are the main features that owner operators should be looking for in an electronic logging device.

1. Hours of Service (HOS)

This function is going to be the foundation of any device an owner operator is evaluating. Keeping track of all the HOS paperwork for any driver is a cumbersome task; but even more so for owner operators who are driving as well as running their business at the same time. The HOS function organizes all driving related paperwork into a compliant format that is easy to store and manage.

2. Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Drivers will continue to have to do a pre and post trip inspection (DVIR).  It is important to make sure the electronic logging device you choose has an automated way to capture it.   This will ensure all your compliance records are in one spot if the auditor comes knocking.

3. International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Described as the most aggravating part of driving; keeping up with one’s IFTA mileage is troublesome for most drivers. For owner operators who have to log all of the fuel mileage on their own, having a system that calculates the miles is a life saver.

4. Lowest Cost of Ownership

Owner operators are not going to find any value in electronic logging devices with added feature sets. All an owner operator needs is something that will make them compliant and perform the basic functions needed for their daily shift. Because of this, owner operators will be searching for a device with the lowest initial cost and lowest monthly fee.

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