Truckers Experience Issues With Bluetooth ELDs, Many Make the Move to Dedicated Units


As ELDs board more and more trucks, a common denominator has arisen that is making the switch from paper logs quite a hassle.  Many of these ELDs’ Bluetooth connectivity issues are halting drivers from wanting to take advantage of the revolutionary technology. conducted a poll asking drivers what “the most prevalent issues owner-operators are experiencing with ELDs.”

Not to anyone’s surprise, it is the wireless technology that cannot meet the rigorous needs of truckers and is thus causing hiccups in their trips.  A whopping 23% of owner-operators say that there are breaks in the wireless connection between the ECM plugin and the ELD.  Often times these drops in connection are due to a simple phone call being made or when Bluetooth apps are opened.  While a Bluetooth ELD may look efficient and effective at first glance, it isn’t entirely reliable, let alone dedicated to what it does.

It is the dedicated units that are proving to be the go-to choice for most fleets as they have consistently been yielding positive results in terms of trip ease and driver satisfaction.  With a dedicated unit, a driver can have no doubt in their mind that their ELD will run smoothly and according to plan.  Continental’s VDO RoadLog ELD is just one example of a dedicated unit ELD.  The ELD prides itself on its surefire way of producing the intended result that most ELDs fail to produce, a simplified logging method.  RoadLog’s wired engineering allows the robust ELD to mark down a driver’s entire trip in a cinch with no chance of wireless connectivity issues.

As today’s roads get busier, it’s important that drivers can look forward to a comfortable, stress-free ride, something that dedicated ELDs are dedicated to doing.

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