VDO RoadLog ELD Selection Tool Helps Truckers Find the Best ELD Mandate Compliance Solution


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The Interactive VDO RoadLog ELD Selection Tool helps owner operators and fleets find the right combination of hardware and software for 100% mandate compliance.

• Interactive features help determine hardware and software for 100% compliance

Allentown, PA (August 2016) – Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, a leading global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers, and a world leader in Electronic Logging Device technology, has developed the VDO RoadLogTM ELD Selection Tool to help both owner operators and fleet managers find the ideal ELD mandate compliance solution for their operation.

The interactive VDO RoadLog Selection Tool guides customers through a series of questions to determine their specific compliance application needs and helps them to determine the type of ELD and software package their operation will need. The tool is featured on www.vdoroadlog.com.

The VDO RoadLog Selection Tool features easy to understand graphics and photos that help the customer make decisions easily and confidently. When all of the choices have been made, the Selection Tool creates an itemized list of all the necessary hardware, software and cabling, which can be downloaded by the customer or emailed directly to their inbox.

VDO RoadLog is a breakthrough in log automation and one of the first stand-alone ELDs offered in North America, providing an affordable, easy to use, plug and play solution for compliance reporting. RoadLog combines GPS data with input from the vehicle to create a digital log that the driver can download, upload or print out as needed.

The Interactive VDO RoadLog ELD Selection Tool creates an itemized list of all required ELD items for the customer.
The Interactive VDO RoadLog ELD Selection Tool creates an itemized list of all required ELD items for the customer.


VDO RoadLog brings innovation to FMCSA mandate compliance and fleet management with an expanded range of new products and services. The portfolio now offers online and mobile connectivity for both fleets and owner operators, which will not only improve operational efficiency for drivers and fleet managers, but also make the workload easier and less stressful.

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