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The Lockwood Report features VDO RoadLog ELD in 2014 Top 10 List of “especially interesting or useful products.”
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January 14, 2015 Vol. 12 No. 1

Last time out, before the wine flowed on New Year’s Eve in fact, I wrote about five developments on the technology front that most captured my attention in 2014. A couple of them had nothing to do with trucks at present, one was about a fleet’s interesting approach to natural gas, and another will have us waiting for a decade or more.

So I thought maybe I should choose 10 of what I consider to be especially interesting or useful products launched last year, things that are actually here on the ground now or soon will be.

To call this an entirely subjective review of the hardware highlights of 2014 is an understatement, and chances are good that you’ll disagree with some of my choices. Goes without saying that I’d love to hear your own thoughts. One important note first: in a sense this is a list of 11 new products because I would ordinarily include Eaton’s Procisiondual-clutch automated transmission, due on the market soonish. But since I wrote about it in my last newsletter as a 2014 tech highlight, I’ll pass it by here. OK, I’ll start with the only truck on my list and then move to simple alphabetical order, using the company name.

THE VDO ELECTRONIC LOG from Continental’s VDO division is an electronic log device (ELD) that’s compatible with mechanical-ignition vehicles and those that predate the J1708 and J1939 can bus, as well as trucks with the newer 9- or 6-pin diagnostic ports. Cool. The ability to customize the wiring configuration allows it to be used on both old and new trucks and thus allows owners of older vehicles to be ready for the implementation of ELD regulations this year. It also features a flexible software design that can be updated as HOS and electronic log regulations continue to evolve, ensuring that fleets are always in compliance with the most up-to-date regulations.

The VDO Roadlog from Continental RoadLog is also said to be the only electronic logging device on the market with a self-contained, on-board thermal printer that can automatically produce a paper log to help drivers get through inspection stops quickly.

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