Is VDO RoadLog ELD on the FMCSA List of certified ELDs? Yes, it is.


The VDO RoadLog™ ELD and VDO RoadLog™ ELD Plus, meet all the compliance requirements for the FMCSA ELD Mandate that becomes effective December 18, 2017. VDO RoadLog is listed on the FMCSA list of ”Registered ELDs.”

VDO RoadLog ELDs are certified to meet the technical specifications set forth in the ELD rule (49 CFR 395, Subpart B). VDO RoadLog ELDs and software meet the rule’s standards for hardware, software, connectivity methods and integration with the vehicle’s engine, as well as tamper-resistance.

According to Alexis Capelle, Continental Corporation ELD program manager, “VDO RoadLog is not only in 100% compliance with the current FMCSA rule, but also will stay in compliance as the rule’s technical specifications change in the future. Continental will continue to provide free, on-going software upgrades to meet future regulatory requirements as they are released by FMCSA.”

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