RoadLog ELD eliminates AOBRD to ELD transition concerns


While some drivers and fleets are still concerned about making the transition from AOBRD to ELD in time to meet the FMCSA deadline, RoadLog users have no such worries. All users of the original RoadLog AOBRD units were successfully migrated from AOBRD to ELD by July of 2018. Every RoadLog ELD on the road today is fully compliant with FMCSA regulations and ensures that drivers remain compliant while operating.

The FMCSA has dictated that all drivers and fleets required to use electronic logs must meet the newer ELD standard by December 16, 2019. That date marks the last day that drivers can legally use an Automatic Onboard Recording Device (AOBRD). After December 16, they must transition to a FMCSA registered ELD.

Jay McCarthy, Continental Marketing and Business Manager, noted, “Continental is a global leader in regulatory compliance systems. We introduced RoadLog as an AOBRD back in 2012, and we transitioned to ELD-ready units in 2016. At that time, we upgraded, at no charge, any customers who needed a hardware upgrade to ELD-ready units. We made a free ELD software conversion available to our AOBRD users in 2017, and we had converted all our AOBRD customers to ELD by the summer of 2018.” Added McCarthy, “Continental transitioned RoadLog users from AOBRD to ELD a full year ahead of the required date to guarantee that all of our customers remained legal on the road.”

RoadLog ELD works in conjunction with the online tool, VDO RoadLog Office, to provide complete reporting and fleet maintenance capabilities.

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