Which VDO RoadLog™ ELD is right for me?

We offer two ELDs: RoadLog ELD and RoadLog ELD Plus.

RoadLog ELD - No Monthly Fees

VDO RoadLog™ ELD

If you’re an independent owner operator or fleet that simply wants an affordable, effective compliance solution, RoadLog ELD is right for you. It offers 100% compliance with the FMCSA ELD Mandate and no monthly fees. Buy it and it’s yours.
Plus, it’s the only ELD that prints an instant paper log to help drivers get through inspections faster. If you choose RoadLog ELD, you’ll need a RoadLog Driver Key – the USB stick that lets you transfer your data from the truck to the Fleet online software.

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VDO RoadLog™ ELD Plus.

If you want compliance plus enhanced fleet management capabilities, RoadLog ELD Plus is your choice. It gives you the ability to upload log data to the fleet office wherever there’s cell service – perfect for drivers who are often away from the main office for eight days or more.
RoadLog ELD Plus wireless communication enables text-based messaging, driver monitoring, remote load and trip management, and more. Like our RoadLog ELD, RoadLog ELD Plus also prints out an instant log to get through inspections faster.

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RoadLog ELD Plus can grow with you

With RoadLog ELD Plus, you can start on the no monthly fees plan. As your needs grow, you can move to an affordable monthly plan for advanced features such as remote load and vehicle management, driver / vehicle performance monitoring, and text messaging to and from drivers.

Fast, safe, secure, and complete

Whichever RoadLog ELD you choose, you’ll get a fast, safe, and secure solution to the ELD mandate. Electronic log data is recorded automatically in the RoadLog ELD. It can detect when the vehicle is underway, when it stops, and when it’s held up in traffic. And with RoadLog, drivers always know exactly how much time they have available.

Compliance now and in the future

VDO RoadLog software is designed to be flexible. As FMCSA rules and regulations change, our free software updates will keep you in compliance.

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