If you want to be 100% compliant, [this is] the box you would want to have.

If you want to be 100% compliant, [this is] the box you would want to have.

VDO RoadLog™ Fleet Management Software – Easy, affordable log book automation and compliance reporting


System Requirements
RoadLog™ Fleet Management Software was designed to help you run your business more efficiently and more profitably. RoadLog gives you time saving, cost-cutting automation that can boost your bottom line from day one.
VDO RoadLog™ Fleet Management Software automatically converts RoadLog ELD log data from one or more Drivers into a complete FMCSA compliance report. VDO Fleet Management Software also automatically archives log data for the FMCSA-required time period.

Compliance review? No problem!

All the FMCSA-required data is visible and archived in the Fleet Software, readily available for export or print. VDO Fleet Management Software is easy to use and it includes a lifetime free software update for HOS and EOBR regulation compliance. You can be sure that VDO RoadLog will be here for you when the regulations change.

Easy, secure data transfers.

With VDO RoadLog Fleet Management Software, Fleet Managers can download Drivers’ data in seconds from RoadLog Driver Keys. Data access is controlled through the proprietary Driver Key and Fleet Key USBs and an encrypted electronic data signature is used to ensure authenticity and integrity of all electronic data.

Making fleets safer and more profitable.

RoadLog™ Fleet Management Software provides all the key data needed to manage the fleet’s operations. By having accurate data on hand, Fleet Managers and Owner Operators can see if they are operating profitably and within regulations, and where changes need to be made. RoadLog Fleet Management Software can manage an unlimited number of Drivers and trucks. And, since the RoadLog Fleet Management Software is a one-time purchase, it represents an excellent value.

Comprehensive fleet management features.

VDO RoadLog Fleet Management Software manages a range of data that helps make trucking operations safer and more efficient:

  • Automated HOS logs with GPS accuracy.
  • Easy transfer of all HOS, IFTA, DVIR data
  • Automatic archiving of required records.
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) miles reporting.
  • International Registration Plan (IRP) miles reporting.
  • ELD Compliance with rules for Canada.
  • ELD Compliance with rules for Alaska.
  • ELD Compliance with rules for oil field.
  • ELD Compliance with rules for bus, motor coach, passenger carrier.
  • Exceptions – 16 hour, adverse conditions, emergency, personal conveyance, 100/150 miles radius.

More than just log automation

VDO RoadLog is a comprehensive regulatory compliance system that will take the hassle out of reporting and can save you money in the long run!

Computer System Requirements

VDO RoadLog Fleet Management Software requires:

  • A PC with Windows® 7, Windows Vista with Service Pack 2
  • Adobe® PDF Reader (or any software that enables reading of PDFs).
  • An Internet connection.
  • Two open USB ports.
  • A CD drive.
  • 400 MB of free hard drive space.
Operating SystemVersionPOSTGRESQL Database Supported
Windows Vista SP2 Enterprise 32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows Vista SP2 Ultimate32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows Vista SP2 Home Basic32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows Vista SP2 Home Premium32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows Vista SP2 Business32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 Home Premium32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 Home Basic32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 Enterprise32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 Professional32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 x64 Home Premium64-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 x64 Home Basic64-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 x64 Enterprise64-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 7 x64 Professional64-bitPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 8 PostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 8 ProPostgreSQL 9.0
Windows 8 EnterprisePostgreSQL 9.0

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