VDO RoadLog Office™ – fleet management and compliance reporting

VDO RoadLog Office is our online tool for fleet management and compliance reporting. RoadLog ELD data, including logs, IFTA, IRP, and pre- and post inspections, can be audited, archived and edited in RoadLog Office.

VDO RoadLog Office brings ELD compliance and fleet management efficiency to your office. It gives you the peace of mind that comes with automatic online data backup. RoadLog Office is flexible, and as FMCSA rules and regulations change, our free software updates will keep you in compliance.

Three service levels

VDO RoadLog Office is offered with three service levels, allowing you to select the features that are best for your operation.
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VDO RoadLog Office makes it easy to monitor every part of your operation

Make your log data work for you – not the other way around

In the days of paper logs, fleets spent hours checking for log problems. Now, RoadLog Office users can just glance at their violations page to see whether regulations were broken and exactly how they were broken. Fleet Managers can use the violations data in their Corrective Action Reports. They can have drivers sign off on the form to indicate that they have been trained and to encourage them not to violate that rule again. This provides a paper trail that shows dedication to compliance and helps reduce the potential for costly fines.

VDO RoadLog Office log data can be exported to PDF or Microsoft Excel, for any driver or group of drivers, for any date or range of dates. The log reports look just like traditional paper logs.

Pre- and post-trip inspection reports from RoadLog Office are printable, so fleets can give their maintenance crews a “heads up” when something goes wrong. The inspection records are archived within the RoadLog system, eliminating the need for paper inspection records completely.

Flexible operation

VDO RoadLog Office is designed to deal with real-world events. For example, if a driver forgets to log out, the record can be edited to show the actual log out time. RoadLog Office saves the original data and can display either the original or the edited data.

Complete trip records

Using GPS data, RoadLog ELDs automatically calculate IRP and IFTA miles per state. Drivers can enter information into RoadLog ELD for their pre- and post-trip inspections, as well as supporting documents such as fuel purchases, tolls, and meals. This data, along with the log, IFTA, IRP, and inspection data create a complete trip record that can be viewed, audited, archived, and printed from RoadLog Office.

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Track & trace mapping – know where your equipment is and where it’s been.

Driver / vehicle monitoring – encourages good driver behavior.

Remote driver HOS availability – maximize use of personnel and equipment.

Whiteboard – manage drivers, vehicles, loads and trips remotely.

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