VDO RoadLog™ – a complete solution for ELD Mandate compliance and fleet management for owner operators and fleets.

The VDO RoadLog System:

  1. RoadLog ELDs that record and print out log data in the vehicle.
  2. VDO RoadLog Office is our online tool for fleet management and compliance reporting where log data (HOS, IFTA, IRP, DVIR) is viewed, archived, and edited. 

RoadLog ELD
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RoadLog with cellular connectivity and advanced fleet management features:


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VDO RoadLog is the simple solution for ELD compliance, fleet management, and compliance reporting. From one owner operator to a one hundred vehicle fleet, VDO RoadLog provides ELD compliance and fleet management solutions that are easy to use, secure, and affordable.

The RoadLog system starts with the RoadLog ELD. The RoadLog ELD records all the data required for Mandate compliance. All RoadLog ELDs feature a built-in thermal printer for quick roadside inspections. Upgrading to RoadLog ELD Plus adds cellular connectivity and enables a range of advanced mapping, communication, and fleet management and monitoring features.

RoadLog ELD data is transferred to VDO RoadLog Office where it can be audited, output, archived, and edited. This flexible software brings efficient fleet management and compliance to your business. Available RoadLog Office features including track & trace mapping, driver/vehicle /load monitoring, violation overviews, and more. RoadLog Office comes in three service levels to meet the needs of most owner operators and fleets. 

RoadLog lets you meet FMCSA ELD requirements while helping you run your business more efficiently. VDO RoadLog provides ELD Mandate compliance and fleet management for owner operators and fleets that is safe, simple, secure and affordable. VDO RoadLog is backed by Continental. We are a world leader in ELD technology, with over five million devices in use worldwide.

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