Myths about Electronic Logging Devices



Myths about Electronic Logging Devices

If you bring up the electronic logging device topic in a truck stop, you will hear more myths than facts.  Here are the most common myths that I have heard day in and day out for which I would like to give the facts.

 6 ELD Myths

1. ELDs are too expensive

The initial investment for electronic logging devices and the monthly fees are a major concern for owner operators and fleet owners.  In the past, systems would be large bulky packages with massive startup and monthly fees.  However, with technology improvements, some ELDs have now become very affordable.  Any size fleet can now find ELDs that are adapted to their needs as there are even solutions costing less than $700 and without monthly fees.


2.  ELDs put companies out of business

Electronic logging devices are more affordable for the small to midsize fleets then in the past.  They also log to the minute, rather than the 15 minute intervals found on paper logs, allowing drivers to possibly gain more driving time.  ELDs also improve CSA scores which allow fleets to qualify for the more profitable loads.


3.  ELDs report directly to law enforcement

There is no requirement in the proposed rule that violation information be pushed to law enforcement automatically.  To date, there are no systems on the market that link to law enforcement.  Just as it is today, the driver will be required to provide driving log information at time of inspection for review.


4.  ELDs send driver location to the back office

The current regulation and the proposed ELD rule do not require electronic logging devices to report driver information in real time to the back office.  It is the decision of the fleet owner as to whether or not they want to add track & trace and driver reporting to their vehicles.  Drivers looking to avoid such visibility should look for devices without cellular connection.


5.  Only larger fleets are going to be affected by the mandate

“It won’t affect me… I’m too small,” is often being said by fleet owners coast to coast.  The truth of the matter is that size is not the deciding factor; distance traveled is the deciding variable.  The rule of thumb is that if you are currently doing a paper log today, you will be required to run an electronic logging device in the future.


6.  ELDs will shut the engine off

The proposed rule requires that electronic logging devices be connected to the engine electronics of the vehicle.  Though there is technology on the market that can reduce the vehicle’s power if certain variables occur; this is a company decision to employ these technologies.  The ELD rule will not require this and most devices will not have this option.

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