Misconceptions About ELD Mandate Changes Clarified by VDO RoadLog Product Managers


·       No changes to 7-day vs. 8-day rules have been enacted as part of the new legislation

Allentown, PA April 3, 2018 – Continental, a leading global supplier of systems, components, and tires to automobile and truck manufacturers, and a world leader in Electronic Logging Device technology, is offering guidance in dispelling common myths associated with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ELD Mandate. Many drivers and fleets believe that the mandate has imposed new restrictions on long-established HOS compliance rules, and RoadLog product managers are aiming to inform fleets and owner operators about the realities of the mandate.

7-day vs. 8-day rules

7-day drivers usually only work Monday to Friday and get 60 hours to work, while 8-day drivers may work Monday through Sunday and get 70 hours to work. The 60/70-hour limit governs how many hours a truck driver can work in a week. This limit is based on a rolling 7-day or 8-day period. Some drivers believe that they used to be able to drive after they had reached the 60 or 70 hours of On-Duty time in seven or eight consecutive days. This was never the case.

“The 60 or 70-hour limit will reset after a driver has taken 34 hours of consecutive off-duty status,” James McCarthy, Business Development/Marketing Manager for VDO RoadLog. “This has always been the case and the implementation of the ELD mandate hasn’t affected this rule in any way.”

As a leader in ELD technology, VDO RoadLog wants to ensure that drivers, owner operators, and fleet managers are well informed about the many new requirements that are associated with the ELD Mandate. “Changes to the mandate have been frequent, and those affected by the new regulations need to stay in the know,” explains McCarthy.

Individuals can visit the VDO RoadLog blog to stay current on the latest ELD Mandate news and changes.  The blog can viewed at www.vdoroadlog.com/about-roadlog/blog/.

VDO RoadLog was one of the first stand-alone ELDs offered in North America, providing an affordable, simple, and secure solution for mandate compliance and reporting. VDO RoadLog ELD is available without monthly fees. For those who want advanced features, the RoadLog ELD Plus adds cellular connectivity for text-based messaging, driver monitoring, remote load and trip management, and enhanced fleet management capabilities, all for an affordable monthly fee per vehicle.

All VDO RoadLog ELDs work with the VDO RoadLog Office online compliance reporting and fleet management tool. The basic version of RoadLog Office is also available with no monthly fees.

VDO RoadLog ELD is also the only ELD on the market with a built-in printer that can quickly produce a logbook-style print out during an inspection. This ensures that drivers can get through inspections quickly and back on the road as soon as possible. RoadLog ELDs can also transfer log data by wireless and USB.

VDO RoadLog ELD allows owner operators and fleet managers to dramatically reduce the man-hours required for fleet management and compliance reporting. Logs are kept online and can be accessed any time there is an internet connection. Fleet managers can also remotely monitor any violations that need to be addressed directly from their office and use the violation data in their Corrective Action Reports.

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