How drivers benefit from electronic logging devices


electronic logging devices

Drivers benefit from using electronic logging devices

When it comes to electronic logging devices, drivers have always been hesitant to adopt the technology to replace their paper logbooks.  In their mind, the paper logbooks provide the most freedom and electronic logging devices will hinder their ability to drive and make money.  In reality, if you are driving per the regulations, you are doing yourself a disservice by not taking advantage of all the benefits electronic logging devices provide.

Electronic logging devices benefit drivers

Reduce Paperwork

The amount of paperwork that drivers have to fill out before and after their trips is extraordinary.  Keeping up with all of that paperwork can feel like another full time job.  By using an electronic logging device all of the paperwork is being automated by the devices.  All of the hours of service graphing will all be automated and the driver will just have to focus on driving and not having to worry about any additional information.

Elimination of Form and Manner Violations

The most frequent violations reported by enforcement are simple form and manner errors.  By using electronic logging devices, there is no need to every worry about another form and manner violation ever occurring again.  All of the graphs and paperwork is filled out electronically so poor penmanship will never be an issue.

Records Minute-to-Minute

With the current paper logbooks, drivers are recording their hours using 15 minute intervals.  With this method drivers are actually losing potential driving time by rounding their times up to the nearest 15 minute interval.  Electronic logging devices will record everything minute-to-minute.  This means that drivers are utilizing their on duty driving and on duty not driving time to the fullest and are not losing possible additional time because of having to round the time to the 15 minute interval.

Expedited Inspections

No one knows when they may get pulled over for an inspection.  Are your logs up-to-date?  Roadside inspections with paper logbooks can be a stressful part of any driver’s day.  Having to make sure that all their paperwork is up to date and organized to make it through the inspection without any hindrance is something that can stress any driver.  When using an electronic logging device, logs are driver stored in the electronic logging device so when a roadside inspection occurs, the driver has all of his or her information up to date and organized.  All the driver will have to do is to present the information to the officer whether that’s via printing, emailing, faxing ect…

Full View of Remaining Availability 

Paper logbooks prevent drivers from having a real-time view and record of the remaining time they have for their day.  Because of this, it is easy for drivers to lose track of time and forget to take their 30 minute break and eclipse the allotted driving time for the day.  Electronic logging devices provide a precise countdown on remaining time available for the day so the driver is in full view of all of their remaining time.

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