VDO RoadLog Office™ Solo - Online compliance reporting and fleet management

VDO RoadLog Office Solo is our online tool for compliance reporting and fleet management that works with VDO RoadLog ELDs. VDO RoadLog Office Solo is available to  VDO RoadLog ELD users with no monthly fees.

VDO RoadLog Office automates compliance reporting using the data from your VDO RoadLog ELD. Data from VDO RoadLog ELD, including logs, IFTA, IRP and pre- and post inspections, can be audited, archived and edited in VDO RoadLog Office Solo.

VDO RoadLog Office brings fleet management efficiency to your business and gives you the peace of mind that comes with automatic online data backup. VDO RoadLog Office is flexible, and as FMCSA rules and regulations change, our free software updates will keep you in compliance.

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Violations Report
Driver - vehicle monitoring
Vehicle Inspection Report
VDO RoadLog Office Solo capabilities
Core Features 
100% ELD Mandate compliance.




Automatic log auditing.




Automatic online data back up.




Available anywhere you have internet service. 




On-screen wizard tips guide you through tasks.




Compliance Reporting 
Complete electronic log automation.




Automatically calculates IRP and IFTA miles-by-state.




Automates pre- and post-trip reporting.




Violations are automatically highlighted, printable.




Data Transfer 
Data import by USB.


Wireless data transfer by cellular. 



Fleet Management 
Organize drivers and vehicles into groups. 



Wireless connection to / from the ELD. 



Monitor driver availability remotely. 



Management & monitoring of loads, trips, and driver assignments / status.  


Remote driver performance monitoring – speed, braking, idling.  


Map Functions 
Map shows when and where your trucks traveled.




View route history for multiple vehicles over multiple days. 




Near real-time Track & Trace for drivers, vehicles, loads. 



Automatically finds vehicle nearest to new load.  


Text-based messaging to/from ELD.  


Messaging lock-out while in motion.  


Monthly Costs 
No monthly fees.


Affordable monthly fee per vehicle. 



Cut log data management time dramatically

With paper logs, drivers could spend hours checking their logs for problems. With VDO RoadLog Office Solo, drivers can simply look at the violations screen to check whether any regulations were broken. 

VDO RoadLog Office Solo log reports look just like traditional paper logs, and they can be exported to PDF or Microsoft Excel.

Pre- and post-trip inspection reports from VDO RoadLog Office are printable, and your inspection reports are automatically archived online. 

Flexible operation

With VDO RoadLog Office, if you forget to log out, you can go back and edit your log to show the actual log out time. VDO RoadLog Office saves the original log and can display either the original or the edited version. 

Complete trip records

RoadLog automatically calculates IRP and IFTA miles-per-state using GPS data. Plus, you can enter your pre- and post-trip inspection records, along with any supporting documents including fuel purchases, tolls, and meals. Your log, IFTA, IRP, and pre- and post-trip inspection data create a complete compliance record that can be viewed, audited, archived, and printed from VDO RoadLog Office Solo. 

Setting up VDO RoadLog Office

The VDO RoadLog Fleet Key lets you set up and log in to your VDO RoadLog Office Solo online account. 

Learn more about RoadLog Fleet Keys.

VDO RoadLog ELD Activation Licenses

With VDO RoadLog Office Solo, you need an ELD Activation License for each VDO RoadLog ELD.

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