VDO RoadLog™ ELD with no fees

  • VDO RoadLog ELD is available with no monthly fees
  • Prints out an instant paper log that looks just like a traditional log book
  • No worries about how to transfer your log data to a compliance officer

Fast, Safe, Secure, and Printable

VDO RoadLog ELD is fast to install and easy to learn. Simply print out a log for compliance officers. Logs will only show information needed for compliance. No personal information is shared.

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Compliance reporting and fleet management

VDO RoadLog ELD works with VDO RoadLog Office™ - our online compliance reporting and fleet management tool. Office Solo is available with no monthly fees and is the ideal ELD software for an owner operator or fleet manager just looking to get the job done right.

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VDO RoadLog Driver Keys and Fleet Keys

VDO RoadLog USB ‘Keys’ let you log into your ELD and set up your compliance reporting and fleet management account.

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VDO RoadLog Installation Kits

VDO RoadLog Installation Kits include the specific cable you need for your vehicle as well as a mounting bracket and more.

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Thinking your business will grow?

Maybe you’re a small business now, but you believe you’ll grow. Consider choosing the VDO RoadLog ELD Plus with wireless communication capability. You can start with no monthly fees, but later migrate up to wireless communication for enhanced fleet management features.

VDO RoadLog ELD Specs


  • Built-in thermal printer
  • No ink refills required
  • Fade resistant

ELD Capabilities

  • Complete FMCSA ELD Mandate compliance
  • Automatic recording for IRP, IFTA miles-per-state
  • Pre- and post-trip recording (DVIR)
  • Electronic logbook compliance for US, Canada, Alaska, Oilfield

Fleet Management

  • Online fleet management and compliance reporting with VDO RoadLog Office Solo

Data Transfers

  • Manual data transfer by RoadLog Driver Key USB drive

Input / Output

  • GPS Vehicle data inputs
  • USB slot

Log Print Out

  • 7 - day automatic output
  • Traditional grid-style display

Status UpdatesCO

  • Automatic status updates based on vehicle movement
  • Automatically tracks status in: On-duty, Driving, Sleeper Berth, and Off-Duty
  • Automatic warnings when approaching allowable limits

Data Security

  • Data access is protected by password and RoadLog USB Keys
  • Digital signature ensures authenticity / integrity of all data
  • No data is shared except data required by FMCSA compliance regulations

Data-Recording Capability

  • Driver log (15 days)
  • Vehicle events (30 days)
  • Traveling / stop status detection
  • Trailer assignment
  • Shipment documents
  • Total odometer
  • Refueling tracking
  • Vehicle tracking (30 days)
  • Global positioning data acquisition
  • Pre- and post-trip inspection reports (DVIR) (30 days)
  • Vehicle mechanical and electrical defects reported by the driver
  • Company log in / log off
  • Ability to map vehicle’s travel using office software
  • Vehicle speed
  • Idling analysis

VDO RoadLog ELD Part Number:

  • 3290-10100100

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