Know the FMCSA’s 22 ELD violations that affect your CSA score!


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has released an updated version of the CSA’s Safety Measurement System (SMS). The update includes all new ELD violations with each violation’s severity weight. This list provides drivers and carriers fair warning of the possible penalties levied when in violation.

When April 1, 2018 saw the end of the “soft enforcement” period, drivers saw the end of their grace period regarding violations. This means that ELD violations will now affect a carrier’s CSA score. The FMSCA uses a CSA score to determine high-risk motor carriers and drivers who need intervention.

Luckily, the FMCSA cannot suspend a driver’s CDL for too high a score, though violations can lead to the FMSCA issuing interventions and fines averaging nearly 3,000 dollars.

Additionally, all ELD-related violations will now reflect in each carrier’s Hours of Service Compliance BASIC when the next monthly set of SMS results are released. This makes being aware of these new ELD violations and their penalties extremely valuable to drivers.

Failing to provide supporting documents in the driver’s possession upon request identifies officers of a false log. This violation, along with several others, carry the highest penalty weights through their point system. By accumulating too many points, a driver will be identified as high-risk! So, considering that a carrier’s score is based on the performance of its drivers, these high penalties need to be avoided to keep your driving record clean and your company’s reputation in good standing.

By making sure you are aware of these violations, you can avoid major headaches when it’s time for inspection. So, stay aware of your CSA score, as well as keep a list of the violations and their penalties handy, perhaps right in the cab of your truck!


ELD Violations List

More than 200 different ELD devices are on the FMCSA’s list of self-certified ELDs. But beware! A self-certified ELD does not mean it is a FMCSA-compliant ELD. Choosing the ELD solution which meets FMCSA compliance is left to the carriers/operators’ choice. So knowing which vendors meet the standards is very important. This is where we step in.

VDO RoadLog is the simplest FMCSA-compliant ELD mandate solution available. We’ll help you through any problems with roadside inspections, and have your back in order to keep you compliant and violation-free.

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