ELD Mandate Has Arrived



The majority of drivers and fleets will have to implement electronic logging devices

On December 10, 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) announced the final rule that will require commercial motor vehicle drivers to use electronic logging devices to prepare their HOS record of duty status.  Carriers and drivers will have two years from the effective date of publication in the Federal Register.  Because the concept of ELDs is not a new topic for the trucking industry, most are aware of the coming mandate.  There are a few important parts that fleets and drivers will need to know about this final rule.

What to expect next?

Device Specifications

ELDs will have to meet specific requirements to be considered compliant.  Electronic logging devices need to be integrally synchronized to the engine of the vehicle so that the ELD can capture when the vehicle is in motion and record odometer and engine hours.  ELDs will also need to automatically capture the vehicle’s position at regular intervals.


As the mandate is written, all drivers that are currently operating with paper logbooks to record their record of duty status will have to transition to ELDs.  However, there will be some exemptions to that ruling.  Drivers who operate outside of the local radius less than 8 times in a 30 day threshold will not have to use ELDs.  Also those who operate as a drive-away/tow-away operation or operate with vehicles older than model year 2000 will all be exempt.

Implementation Period

The FMCSA has announced the rule on December 10, 2015 with several phases still needing to be completed.  The rule will be effective once it is published in the Federal Register.  From that date there will be a 2 year window for carriers to implement ELDs.  So the mandate will be effective by December 2017.

We at VDO RoadLog are here to inform and update drivers and fleets with any changes that may occur to the rule in the future.


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