Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VDO RoadLog?
  • The VDO RoadLog is a complete ELD mandate solution that includes our VDO RoadLog ELD and ELD Plus along with VDO RoadLog Office – our online compliance reporting tool and ELD software.
  • VDO RoadLog ELD is our simple, safe, secure and printable electronic logging device that provides users with an instant log printout that resembles the traditional log book graph. VDO RoadLog ELD is a secure dedicated unit that keeps your cell phone and tablet information private.
  • VDO RoadLog™ Office is a complete eld compliance reporting and fleet management system that works with VDO RoadLog ELDs.
    • VDO RoadLog ELD owners use VDO RoadLog Office Solo at no cost beyond the initial ELD purchase.
    • VDO RoadLog ELD Plus users can choose VDO RoadLog Office Advanced or Premium. These take advantage of cellular connectivity between the office and the vehicle to enable advanced features such as monitoring of driver availability and near real-time track & trace for drivers, vehicles, and loads. Office Advanced and Premium are included with the monthly fee that VDO RoadLog ELD Plus users pay.
What is the warranty on the VDO RoadLog ELD?

VDO RoadLog ELDs come with a 12-month warranty against manufacture defect.

What will I have to pay for ongoing software updates?

VDO RoadLog comes with Free FMCSA / regulatory software updates now and in the future

Does the VDO RoadLog ELD come with a printer?

Yes – VDO RoadLog ELDs have an integrated thermal printer that prints your last 7 or 8 days of logs at the push of a button. The VDO RoadLog ELD is still the only ELD that features an integrated log printer. With the integrated printer, there’s no need to worry about transferring electronic logs during an inspection stop.

The VDO RoadLog printer helps provide a faster roadside inspection and the best solution when a visual inspection is required.

How do I replace the ink cartridge in the printer?

The printer uses thermal printing technology so there is never a need to replace the ink cartridge.

The printer uses fade-resistant thermal printing paper to ensure a clear and easy to read result. 

How do I transfer the data from the VDO RoadLog ELD in my vehicle to my home office?

VDO RoadLog ELD users transfer data using their VDO RoadLog Driver Key. The Driver Key is a USB drive that can be used to upload the data to VDO RoadLog Office using any computer with internet access.

VDO RoadLog ELD Plus users get automatic data transfer via cellular connection.

How much data is saved on the VDO RoadLog hardware?

The VDO RoadLog will retain the drivers prior 24 days on the device at all times. For a roadside inspection, the VDO RoadLog will only print the required last 7/8 days.

Does the VDO RoadLog tell me how much available drive time I have left for my day?

Yes, the VDO RoadLog ELD shows you the exact amount of driving time available before you have to take your break. The VDO RoadLog ELD also shows your weekly availability.

Will the VDO RoadLog alert me when I am running out of time?

Yes, VDO RoadLog ELD will alert you when you’re approaching the end of available time. When you start your day, a green bar will appear across the screen with 8:00 inside. This green bar indicates the amount of drive time available prior to requiring a :30 minute break. With 3:00 remaining, the bar will turn yellow and with 1:00 remaining the bar will turn red. After you take your required break, you’ll see your remaining availability for the day.

How do you I install my VDO RoadLog ELD?

The VDO RoadLog was designed for a fast and easy installation. Select where you want to mount it on the dash. It should provide good visibility for you and a clear view to the sky. Peel the backing off the adhesive strip, and place one side of the adhesive onto the bottom side of the bracket and the opposite side onto your selected area on the dash. Plug your cable into the vehicle’s data port and run the cable around the dash to where the bracket is placed (you can usually tuck the cable into the space where the dash meets the windshield). Plug the cable into the bottom of the VDO RoadLog ELD and secure the ELD into the bracket. Done!

What is a VDO RoadLog Y cable?

The Y cable has two plugs at one end to provide a cleaner installation appearance and allow other tools to be plugged in without having to unplug the device. A Y cable option is available for all of our cables.

How do I know which installation kit (cable) to choose for my vehicle?

You will want to purchase a cable with the pin connection that matches the connection available on the vehicle’s data port. It is always a good practice to check each vehicle to confirm the pin connection but as a Rule:

Vehicles built before 1992 typically have Mechanical Fuel Injection and will need the Open End Wire cable and may require the installation of a speed sensor.

  • Vehicles built from 1992 to 1995 with Electronic Fuel Injection may have a 6-pin connector, a special OEM connector or no diagnostic connector port.
  • Vehicles built before 1996 may have the 6 pin configuration, a special OEM connector, or no connector.
  • Vehicles built from 1996 to 2001 generally have the 6 pin configuration.
  • Vehicles built from 2002 to 2006 may have either the 6 pin or 9 pin configurations.
  • Most 2007 and newer vehicles have the 9 pin configuration.
  • Vehicles built after 2016 may have a 9 pin GREEN configuration
  • Mack/Volvo vehicles built after 2014 have the 16 pin OBD II configuration.
  • Light-duty trucks and vans generally have the 16 pin OBD II configuration.

See our full selection of available cable kits


How does the VDO RoadLog report duty status change locations?

The VDO RoadLog will automatically associate a GPS location with the closest large population location. It may happen that this location is further away from you than another location that you know is much closer. For example. If your vehicle is in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania the system will label it as 7 miles west of Allentown, Pennsylvania, since Allentown is a local location with a large population. This is consistent with FMCSA’s requirements in ELD regulation and compliance.

Can VDO RoadLog ELD calculate my IFTA mileage?

Yes – VDO RoadLog ELD provides all miles driven in each state and the odometer value at state crossing. You can enter fuel records directly into the ELD and they will then appear in the IFTA report from VDO RoadLog Office.

Can I do my pre- and post trip inspections on the VDO RoadLog ELD?

Yes – you can complete both your pre- and post trip inspection reports on your VDO RoadLog ELD. You can choose from a list of defects or create your own entries. Once your data is transferred,  your entries will appear in the DVIR report from VDO RoadLog Office.

Can the VDO RoadLog ELD be used in Canada?

Yes – the VDO RoadLog has compliant Hours of Service reporting capabilities for Canada North and South of the 60th parallel. VDO RoadLog also contains compliance for US Hours of Service, Alaska Hours of Service, and Oil Field as well as compliance for motorcoach and passenger carriers.

Can I track my vehicles with the VDO RoadLog?

Yes – the VDO RoadLog has track & trace functionalities available in the VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and Premium subscription options. In order to have these functions available, the vehicle must have a VDO RoadLog ELD Plus.

Can the VDO RoadLog monitor driver performance?

Yes – VDO RoadLog ELD has driver performance monitoring functions available in the the VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and Premium subscription options. Driver performance monitoring includes MPG reports, harsh braking, idling times, seatbelt use, speeding, over RPMs and tire pressure. In order to have these functions available, the vehicle must have a VDO RoadLog ELD Plus.

Can I message my drivers through the VDO RoadLog?

Yes – with VDO RoadLog ELD Plus, fleet managers and drivers can communicate directly through the ELD, using text-based messaging. As a safety feature, sending messages is only available when the vehicle is stopped.

When am I required to have an ELD in my vehicle?

The ELD mandate is in effect as of December 18th, 2017. If you are currently running with an AOBRD, you can continue to run with that equipment until December 16th, 2019. However, after that date, you must upgrade to an ELD that meets FMCSA specifications.

What are the computer system requirements for VDO RoadLog?

VDO RoadLog ELD, VDO RoadLog ELD Plus, and VDO RoadLog Office (all service levels) can be used with most current personal computers, laptops or tablets that have a USB port and access to the internet. 

What are the requirements for roadside inspections?

The ELD rule requires that an ELD device is able to accomplish the Roadside Data Transfer to enforcement via local method Bluetooth or USB or wireless method Web services or E-mail.

However, as of this time, enforcement is not ready to receive the data via any of those means. FMCSA is currently working on building an infrastructure to receive the data and to train the enforcement.

As of right now, the most practical method of doing roadside inspections is either by showing the ELD screen or by ELD printout. Having the VDO RoadLog paper print-out may save drivers considerable time in inspection stops.

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