What’s the difference between AOBRD, EOBR and ELD? Currently, the website lists 153 references to “Electronic Logging Devices” (ELD), 74 references to “Electronic On Board Recorder(s) (EOBR), 254 references to “Electronic On Board Recording,” and now 25 references to “AOBRD” (Automatic On Board Recording Device).

The fact is that these names are currently used interchangeably in our industry. The current FMCSA regulation for Hours-of-Service compliance (FMCSA 395.15) uses the language “Automatic On-Board Recording Device for Hours of Service Compliance.” So technically, “AOBRD” is the term for the legally compliant technology today.

EOBR was the term used in the FMCSA rule 395.16 that was vacated. The legislation MAP21 that was passed in 2012 requires that FMCSA issue a new rule mandating HOS recording devices that will be called ELDs. The term “ELD” for “Electronic Logging Device” is growing in popularity. Maybe it’s just faster to say “ELD” than “EOBR?”

While the FMCSA’s use of different terminology may create confusion, the bottom line is that it’s not the name of the Electronic Logging Device that matters – it’s whether or not it’s in compliance with FMCSA regulations. Legislation continues to evolve, and it’s up to the Owner Operator or Fleet Manager to ensure that the systems they use are in compliance with the most current regulations. That’s why it’s important to make certain the system you choose is able to accept updates, in order to stay in compliance when new regulations are introduced.

VDO RoadLog is based on a flexible software platform that has been designed to accept updates as regulations change. Updating the RoadLog EOBR is easy. Simply download the latest software to the VDO USB Key, and then insert it into your RoadLog EOBR. The updates happen automatically.

Stay tuned, and we’ll do our best to alert you to upcoming changes in regulations and terminology as they come into the market.

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