My drivers are constantly telling me its easy to use and it’s less of a problem in their day then a paper log is.

It prints out in a nice, easy to understand format….and catches the violations as well.
John Coakley, Manager of Operations and Safety, Klein Transportation, Inc.

VDO RoadLog is the affordable ELD mandate compliance solution that can work for every bus & motorcoach operator.

Electronic Logging Devices have been mandated by the FMCSA for every bus & motorcoach operator and their drivers. Operators are now looking for affordable solutions to the ELD mandate.
VDO RoadLog not only keeps you in compliance with FMCSA ELD regulations, it’s a complete mandate compliance system that helps you run your operation with greater safety and efficiency. RoadLog is the most affordable and most efficient Electronic Logging Device available. Unlike every other ELD on the market, VDO RoadLog is available with no monthly fees and no contracts.

More than just e-logs.

VDO RoadLog lets you manage and monitor your drivers and vehicles through our online fleet management and reporting tool, VDO RoadLog Office.™

Operators can choose the no-fees affordability of VDO RoadLog Office Solo or get wireless connectivity to their coaches with VDO RoadLog Office Advanced™ and Premium™.

Plus, VDO RoadLog Office capabilities allow you dramatically reduce the manhours required for fleet management and compliance reporting.

RoadLog helps make traveling by motorcoach safer and more efficient.

More time to focus on passengers

VDO RoadLog gives drivers automated reporting to dramatically reduce time and costs required for paper logs and compliance records. With RoadLog, drivers always know exactly how much time they have available.

RoadLog helps Drivers get through inspection stops faster

VDO RoadLog for Motorcoach

The RoadLog ELD is the first and only ELD on the market with an on-board, thermal printer. With instant printouts that show complete HOS and DVIR data, roadside inspections have never been easier. Inspection officials appreciate RoadLog printouts – they look like the log books they are used to seeing.

Avoid costly fines

With VDO RoadLog, Driver HOS records are always accurate and up-to-date, eliminating log book entry errors and incomplete logs that can result in big fines. Drivers are always current on their reporting and they always know whether they’re in compliance. RoadLog printouts provide all the information that a manual log provides, but RoadLog is faster, easier and more accurate, for both the driver and compliance officers.

Controlling and protecting the data.

Permission to access data from the RoadLog ELD is possible only with the VDO Driver Key or VDO Fleet Key USBs, so drivers and enforcement officials only have access to the data that they need to see. RoadLog data is fully protected and tamper resistant to ensure data integrity and data privacy.

Support for all your Fleet management and compliance requirements

VDO RoadLog is a comprehensive regulatory compliance system that will take the hassle out of reporting and can save you money in the long run.

Check out the full range of RoadLog features:

Backed by the world leader in compliance systems:

VDO RoadLog is engineered and manufactured by Continental, one of the largest global automotive parts suppliers and a global leader of regulatory compliance systems, with over 6 million Electronic Logging Devices installed worldwide. You can be sure that we’ll be here to keep you compliant in the future.

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