How to Choose an ELD

An ELD is a long-term investment. Make sure you ask the important questions before you choose:


Choosing the right ELD manufacturer

An ELD is a long-term investment. Make sure you ask the important questions about the ELD and the ELD manufacturer before you choose:

What is the ELD manufacturer’s expertise with ELDs?

  • Continental, the manufacturer of VDO RoadLog, has over five million ELDs in use worldwide. In Europe, where ELDs have been in use for decades, the VDO brand is the #1 ELD choice.

Did the manufacturer provide input to the FMCSA and take part in the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee?

  • We worked with the FMCSA’s committee to help shape the ELD rule so that it is fair and practical for owner operators and fleets.

How long has the manufacturer been in business?

  • Continental has been an automotive and heavy-duty supplier for over 100 years. Our products are present on all heavy and medium-duty trucks in the USA. We’ll be here to keep you compliant, now and in the future.

Can the ELD be easily updated to keep pace with new regulations?

  • VDO RoadLog is built on a flexible software platform. As FMCSA regulations change, we will be able to update the software to meet new requirements.

What is the cost of ownership over three or five years?

  • VDO RoadLog is available without monthly fees or contracts. That keeps costs low over time. For fleets that want an ELD with cellular communication, RoadLog is available with an affordable monthly fee per vehicle.

How will the ELD work at inspection stops?

  • VDO RoadLog prints out a paper log that looks like a traditional log and includes all FMCSA required data. No need to worry about downloads, emails, or electronic transfers. Standards for roadside log data transfers are not yet in place, and may not be in place for years to come. But with RoadLog, inspections are fast and easy.

What about privacy? Will you have to hand over your smartphone or tablet to an enforcement officer?

  • Not with RoadLog – you just hand over the paper print out. There’s no chance of your phone being dropped, and your privacy is protected. RoadLog reveals only the information required for inspection stops.

Has your ELD manufacturer certified their ELD and registered with the FMCSA?

  • VDO RoadLog has been certified and is on the FMCSA list of self certified ELDs.

Does the ELD manufacturer offer a system that can expand as you grow?

  • The VDO RoadLog system is designed to grow with you. You can start with a simple one-vehicle solution and expand to an unlimited number of vehicles and advanced fleet management features when you’re ready.

– TIP: If you think your needs will grow, choose the RoadLog ELD Plus with cellular communication capability. You can start with no-fees operation and activate cellular communications and additional management features when you’re ready.

Does the ELD meet the FMCSA technical requirements?

VDO RoadLog meets all the current FMCSA requirements including these key points:

  • VDO RoadLog is installed permanently in the vehicle and has the ability to record vehicle data (odometer, engine hours, location) even when no driver is logged in or when no smartphone is present in the vehicle.
  • VDO RoadLog allows a roadside inspection of the last 7 days’ logs, even when there is no cell reception by generating a paper log printout.
  • VDO RoadLog detects vehicle movement by using the speed information from the vehicle, not from a GPS receiver.

How reliable will the ELD be?

  • To keep it reliable, keep it simple. VDO RoadLog ELD is a single device from a single manufacturer. This is less likely to have technical issues than a system that uses multiple devices from multiple manufacturers. If you have a system with a dongle and smartphone that are delivered from separate suppliers, you may be more likely to have issues than if you have one piece of hardware from one manufacturer.

What about reliable connectivity?

  • If you lose connectivity between an ELD dongle and smartphone, you may have to edit all your logs and possibly have to explain to enforcement why you have instances of “unassigned driver.” VDO RoadLog is hardwired to the vehicle for the most reliable connectivity.

Can the ELD do more than get you through an inspection stop?

  • VDO RoadLog will get you through an inspection faster and easier than you ever imagined possible. But RoadLog gives you more than just an HOS e-log. RoadLog ELD works with VDO RoadLog Office Solo, our online reporting tool. RoadLog Office is a complete FMCSA compliance system. You get IRP and IFTA miles-by-state reporting as well as DVIR reporting capabilities. RoadLog Office includes automatic log auditing and archiving along with options for track & trace, driver behavior monitoring, and remote driver, load, and vehicle management. RoadLog ELD users get the no-fees affordability of VDO RoadLog Office Solo while RoadLog ELD Plus users can choose wireless connectivity with VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and Premium.
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Does the ELD provide compliance in Canada, Alaska or oil fields?

  • VDO RoadLog is compatible with ELD regulations for US, Canada and Alaska, as well as in oil field operations.

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