A complete ELD Mandate solution that is simple, secure, and affordable.

When the ELD Mandate was passed we believed that owner operators and fleets would want an ELD Mandate solution that is simple, secure, and affordable. That’s been our goal in designing VDO RoadLog. We hope you’ll agree that’s what we’ve created.


VDO RoadLog makes it easy to get up and running with an ELD. VDO RoadLog gives you a single device and a seamless system, rather than a collection of screens, dongles, phones, or tablets from different manufacturers. So with VDO RoadLog, you’re less likely to have issues with connectivity or hardware / software compatibility. VDO RoadLog is easy to install and easy to learn, and it makes inspections simple too. Just push a button and RoadLog prints out a paper log with all the data you need for compliance. VDO RoadLog helps automate IFTA and DVIR reporting so compliance is simple too.


With VDO RoadLog, your data (and your privacy) is secure. VDO RoadLog shares only the data required for compliance. That keeps your cellphone and your personal data private. Your log data is secure too because when your VDO RoadLog ELD data is uploaded to VDO RoadLog Office, it’s automatically backed up online. No need to worry about file storage, hard drives, or back-up routines. And with VDO RoadLog, you can feel secure knowing that VDO RoadLog will keep you in compliance now and in the future. VDO RoadLog is backed by Continental – a global leader in ELD technology with over 100 years experience in the transportation business.


There’s no denying it - the ELD Mandate placed another regulation cost on owner operators and fleets. We’ve tried to make ELD compliance as affordable as possible. That’s why VDO RoadLog ELD and VDO RoadLog Office Solo are available with no contracts and no monthly fees. Pay for hardware and activation, and the system is yours. But, if you want to add advanced fleet management features and cellular connectivity, we can make that affordable too. We have inexpensive monthly plans based on your number of vehicles and the level of features that are right for your operation. Plus, VDO RoadLog Office saves so many man hours in log audits and compliance reporting, you may find it pays for itself!

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