<h3>What can I say ? The price was right! It works!</h3><p>Buster Lewis, Owner / Operator<br
K&L Towing</p>

What can I say ? The price was right! It works!

Buster Lewis, Owner / Operator
K&L Towing

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<h3>All the other ones have a monthly fee.</h3><p>Ivan Tulala,<br
Owner / Operator L&T Enterprises</p>

All the other ones have a monthly fee.

Ivan Tulala,
Owner / Operator L&T Enterprises

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<h3>…we don’t need to look over the logs to make sure they’re correct.</h3><p>John Coakley,<br
Manager of Operations and Safety  / Klein Transportation, Inc.</p>

…we don’t need to look over the logs to make sure they’re correct.

John Coakley,
Manager of Operations and Safety  / Klein Transportation, Inc.

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VDO RoadLog – simple, affordable electronic logbook automation
and fleet management

No Monthly Fees

No Monthly Fees

RoadLog is available with no contracts and no monthly fees.

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Built-in Printer

Built-in Printer

RoadLog is the first Electronic Driver Log available with a built-in thermal printer to get you through inspection stops faster.

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What to buy

What to buy

Which RoadLog ELD is right for me? Which Fleet Management software do I need? What about accessories? Our online selection tool helps you make the right choices for your needs.

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VDO RoadLog ELD Features

The first ELD with an integrated printer for rapid roadside checks, RoadLog provides automated HOS logs and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR).

Built-in thermal printer to print out an instant log.

Installation solutions for most every vehicle on the road today.

Compatible with older vehicles that have no diagnostic port.

Automatically archives Driver log records.

Automatically deletes records when no longer required.

Compliance with rules for HOS for US, Canada, Alaska, Oilfield.

Compliance with rules for bus, motor coach, passenger carrier.

FMCSA compliant.

PC-Based and Internet-Based Fleet Software options.

Available with no monthly fees or contracts.

Fast, easy installation, plug and play connectors.

No cell phone or tablet required.

In-vehicle availability count down.

Route history mapping.

Automated HOS recording and reporting.

Automated Driver Vehicle Inspection Report.

Automatic log auditing identifies compliance problems.

Automates HOS, IFTA and DVIR reporting.

Updates Driver status automatically.

Controlled data access for privacy protection.

Updatable software to meet future regulations.

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Myths about Electronic Logging Devices
If you bring up the electronic logging device topic in a truck stop, you will hear more myths than facts.

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