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No monthly fees. Built in printer. US-based support.

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Pitfalls of cell phone ELD apps

Pitfalls of cell phone ELD apps

Dropped / damaged phones. No Bluetooth connection. Personal Information exposure…

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Whether it’s ELD exemptions, EOBR vs ELD, or transferring electronic logs, the RoadLog blog has it covered.

RoadLog ELD eliminates AOBRD to ELD transition concerns

While some drivers and fleets are still concerned about making…



What is the VDO RoadLog ELD?

The VDO RoadLog is a complete ELD mandate solution that includes our VDO RoadLog ELD and ELD Plus along with VDO RoadLog Office – our online compliance reporting tool and ELD software.

When am I required to have an ELD in my vehicle?

The ELD mandate is in effect as of December 18th, 2017. If you are currently running with an AOBRD, you can continue to run with that equipment until December 16th, 2019. However, after that date, you must upgrade to an ELD that meets FMCSA specifications.

What will I have to pay for ongoing software updates?

VDO RoadLog comes with Free FMCSA / regulatory software updates now and in the future

User Testimonials

ELD reviews from VDO RoadLog users

We don’t need to look over the logs to make sure they are correct.

John Coakley / Fleet Manager

I simply needed the capability to be compliant with the electronic logs. And as a handy side benefit, it keeps track of my mileage for my IFTA files.

Henry Albert / Owner / Operator

All the other ones have a monthly fee!

Ivan Tulala / Owner Operator

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5 Ways Fleet Managers Can Help Drivers Avoid ELD Citations

Drivers face many new challenges with the ELD mandate and VDO RoadLog wants to keep things simple and easy for […]

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