<h3 style='font-size: 2em;'>Our online selection tool<br /> makes it easy as <strong>1,2,3</strong><br /> to get all the components<br /> you need to get up and<br /> running with RoadLog.</h3><p><a class='button large radius

Our online selection tool
makes it easy as 1,2,3
to get all the components
you need to get up and
running with RoadLog.


<h3>What can I say ? The price was right! It works!</h3><p>Buster Lewis, Owner / Operator<br /> K&L Towing</p>

What can I say ? The price was right! It works!

Buster Lewis, Owner / Operator
K&L Towing

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<h3>All the other ones have a monthly fee.</h3><p>Ivan Tulala,<br /> Owner / Operator L&T Enterprises</p>

All the other ones have a monthly fee.

Ivan Tulala,
Owner / Operator L&T Enterprises

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<h3>…we don’t need to look over the logs to make sure they’re correct.</h3><p>John Coakley,<br /> Manager of Operations and Safety  / Klein Transportation, Inc.</p>

…we don’t need to look over the logs to make sure they’re correct.

John Coakley,
Manager of Operations and Safety  / Klein Transportation, Inc.

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Your vehicle will require an ELD in:

Click here and learn how to satisfy the ELD Mandate!

VDO RoadLog – simple, affordable ELD Mandate compliance and fleet management. Certified and FMCSA Compliant.

No Monthly Fees

No Monthly Fees

RoadLog is available with no contracts and no monthly fees.

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RoadLog ELD - No Monthly Fees

Built-in Printer

RoadLog is the first Electronic Driver Log available with a built-in thermal printer to get you through inspection stops faster.

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What to buy

What to buy

Which RoadLog ELD is right for me? Which software? Our online selection tool helps you make the right choices.

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Is RoadLog ELD on the FMCSA List of certified ELDs? Yes, it is.

The VDO RoadLog™ ELD and VDO RoadLog™ ELD Plus, meet…

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ELD Webinar from Transport Topics

As the Federal ELD mandate draws near, Continental and its VDO RoadLog team is sponsored a live webinar conducted by Transport Topics magazine to help drivers and fleets better understand the FMSCA’s latest regulations for ELDs. This free presentation, entitled "An ELD Primer," was conducted by Technology Editor, Seth Clevenger, along with a panel of experts including a veteran professional driver, fleet owner, marketing/research consultant, a technology deployment specialist and the CEO of the American Trucking Research Institute.

View the Transport Topics webinar