Downloading existing RoadLog data.

The RoadLog platform will no longer be available after our scheduled shutdown, this August. You will be responsible for maintaining your own compliance data, which was formerly hosted by RoadLog. There are special actions that are required for you to maintain this data.

We are providing downloadable instructions to help you through the process as well as instructional videos available below.

NOTE: RoadLog Office hosts three categories of compliance data: Hours of Service (HOS), Vehicle Inspection Reports, and IFTA/IRP data. You are potentially responsible for maintaining this information on your own, even after RoadLog is no longer able to support you. Please review these instructions carefully!

NOTE: Continental will not maintain a copy of your records after the RoadLog platform is terminated.

Access to Data Download

Comprehensive document of instructions (docx):

Download Word Document

Video Instructions (mp4):

Hours of Service